Adtech startup VDO.AI offers monetization options for connected TV as well as OTT apps


Entrepreneur and serial tech-head Amitt Sharma was difficult to develop a viable method of monetisation for his publishing venture. This challenge inspired him to create an answer and bootstrap the VDO AI, a digital technology company VDO AI in 2017.

“VDO.AI was born from an issue of unsuccessful methods of monetisation that we used to create our publication platform NewsD, a brand new generation magazine for millennials who are on the mobile. This is the reason why VDO.AI concentrates on publishers as well as advertising,” Amitt says.

Amitt is an businessman in the media and industry for the past 15 years , and has a an in-depth understanding of the industry. His other ventures are SuperSource, Zomobo, and StatMyWeb.

He realized that advertisers and publishers did not get “full value” on their investments when it came to reaching out to their client base. This could be due to a variety of reasons , including a inaccess to cost-effective technology, complicated technological platforms, or the dominance of giants such as Google or Meta.

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Amitt is convinced in the importance of video as the last stage in the distribution of information “one stands to lose a lot if there are no effective ways of reaching the desired user base”.

What is it that it does

The company is headquartered at New Jersey, US, and New Delhi, India, the company began with an goal to build an automated technology platform to assist advertisers and publishers reach out to customers effectively and to achieve the desired ROI.

It seeks to increase brand recognition by using “direct reach, proprietary technology, and high-impact creative formats” that offer “high viewability and user engagement”.

VDO.AI’s technology platform is the framework that lets users are more engaged on the website to assist advertisers and publishers are able to reach their audience by delivering the appropriate ads , which results in greater revenues for both.

The creator of VDO.AI states that this is made possible by its AI-driven algorithm, which is its own. the appropriate video is produced to fit the appropriate context. This entire procedure is completely automated.

“We assist our clients in creating unique strategies for monetisation across CTV and OTT applications by providing a custom-built video streaming services supported by a powerful AI system. The system gives clients total control over the goals of their impressions in terms of speed of delivery, as well as frequency caps across all platforms. This helps to create a superior reader experience using the most advanced automation that can increase revenues and engagement,” Amitt says.

A variety of customers

VDO.AI It employs 150 employees, provides 4 billion direct impressions each month to 3000 publishers. The clients span international companies as well as Indian publishers.

Customers worldwide of VDO.AI include Disney Hotstar, AirBNB, and Amazon Prime. In India VDO.AI has agreements with publishers such as India TV, The Hindu, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran and others. It also has partnerships with other organizations such as Lenovo as well as Gujarat Tourism.

Based on Amitt, VDO.AI has registered an annual turnover of a million dollars and has grown by 500% CAGR since the company’s inception. It is expected to grow at a the rate of a compound annual growth over 60% this year . It also is said that it is profitable.

This business’s model rests on a revenue sharing arrangement – it earns revenue by letting its clients make.

Future plans

Amitt is of the opinion that technology for advertising, also known as adtech, is a fairly new field that is beginning to gain popularity. There is a lot to be done to satisfying the needs of consumers through the analysis of the data of users.

“We are continuously developing new solutions,” the CEO states.

They include interactive tools for user engagement such as interactive CTV web ads, and other solutions such as 3D impact shopspable units, for instance. The company is expected to see VDO.AI expand into brand new areas such as ecommerce monetisation mobile app monetisation and so on.

“The use of videos is growing every day, and is a massive positive for us. We’ve evolved into an engine of growth for both our advertisers and publishers,” Amitt says.

According to a study by IMARC Group, the global digital video content market was at the value at $151.4 billion by 2021. It is projected to grow to $391.1 billion in 2027. The global market for software for advertising was worth $16.27 billion as of 2018, and is expected to grow to $29.85 billion in 2026, according to Verified Market Research.

The market for adtech is packed with many players, including major corporations like Google, Meta, and InMobi and a variety of small-scale companies.

What is the unique feature that differentiates VDO.AI, Amitt says, “Our solutions provide unbeatable management of monetisation over CTV and OTT applications. We provide comprehensive solutions to achieve the desired results for brands by combining innovation with reach, reach, and targeting across all devices.”

In the near future, VDO.AI is looking at expanding out beyond North America and India, and is planning to expand its presence known in other areas. The company also anticipates more disruption in technology in the field of smart TV and has placed its bets on this space.

Amitt believes that the decade of 2010 “belongs to digital video and we are in the right spot”.

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