A Bengaluru company is reinventing wellness through precision health


Healthcare services are reactive. They respond only in the event of an issue. And even when they do, patients are usually not aware of other issues such as sleep or nutrition that could affect their the long-term health of their patients.

Bengaluru-based tech start-up Resolute is changing the way healthcare is delivered by focusing its attention on personalized healthcare. The company assists people in living healthier lives by being with them throughout the way through their journey to health. The platform can also help customers to avoid issues related to their lifestyle by providing regular monitoring.

In 2022, the company was launched. Resolute.Ai will be the 3rd company in the field of healthcare created by Srinivasa Vivek who is an engineer turned entrepreneur.

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Prior to the introduction of Resolute.Ai in 2022, Srinivasa founded Pytheos Health Systems in 2016 to provide an evidence-based health-tech platform that focuses on wellness, prevention and healthcare. Pytheos’ other brands–MyDiagnostics.in is a diagnostics services provider while HumanFractal.Ai provides technology solutions for healthcare institutions.

Srinivasa began his journey into the health sector after his work experience at technology companies helped him see the gap in the field.

What is it that makes Resolute.Ai different?

The standard approach to healthcare is to seek out a doctor or hospital when they notice symptoms. Resolute.Ai would like to change the way people are treated to ensure they are on a journey to wellness.

Srinivasa saysthat “Traditional prevention is done either due to threats or perception but human health dynamic which needs regular supervision.”

Resolute.Ai operates on this concept of regular supervision. Its digital platform interacts with people to gather health information , which is referred to as “longitudinal” data. This allows the platform identify the right diagnosis, build an prevention plan and provide courses of correction.personalised wellness journey.”

Resolute.Ai has designed various stacks that address various problems with our lives, including sleeping disorders and stress management, as well as the ability to adapt, and nutrition, among others which allow the users to follow these steps to produce an effective outcome.

Based on Srinivasa, Resolute.Ai has already developed more than 400 stacks that offer different kinds and levels of health literacy.

Based on this system, at moment an individual is diagnosed with illness or has an illness the online platform of Resolute.Ai comes in. A team of nurses, doctors and nutritionists, health coaches and therapists assist the patient to enhance the clinical outcome. A specialist will be brought into the treatment according to the individual’s needs.

As part of the Active Care program of Resolute.Ai members enjoy unlimited nurse, concierge, and GP visits, customized intelligence tests to family members on-demand consult with experts, and an online home care kit.

“We call ourselves a digital system of health where there is precision wellness and active care,” Srinivasa claims.

Resolute.Ai also offers kits with prescription medications that can assist customers with common ailments like cold, fever and even hangovers.

Focus area

The main customer base of Resolute.Ai are corporate and residential homes. There are currently around 4000 users that are mostly of the household segment. Resolute.Ai is looking at partnership with corporates via different programs.

According to Srinivasa the majority of its customers are referred to via its diagnostic process and then later join its subscription programs.

The healthcare plans are the six and twelve month subscription model , with a minimum cost of Rs 4999.’

Resolute.Ai has raised $1 million of funding to date and the service is only available in metro areas across the nation.

In its future goals, Resolute.Ai aims to reach around 1 million customers. The company has ambitions to expand globally according to the founder’s belief that Resolute.Ai’s strategy could be replicated in other markets

According to a study by Grand View Research, the India market for home healthcare was estimated at $7.4 billion as of 2021. The market is projected to grow by an annual compound growth of (CAGR) that is 19.27 percent between 2022 and 2030.

The rising demand for better quality primary and postoperative treatment, the advancement of technology and the rise in disposable income the shift from lifestyle to communicable diseases and the growing accessibility of better home care services that are based on technology are expected to propel growth of the market, the report stated.

Other companies in the sector comprise Zoctr, Portea, Medwell Ventures and many more.

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