6 creative ideas for natural stone patio pavers


It’s a privilege to have an outdoor space where your family and friends come together and create memories that last long. A beautiful patio or courtyard near a swimming pool creates a relaxing ambiance for you to unwind. The patio is also a wonderful social space to hold gatherings, parties, and important events. Imagine rosy summer evenings or breakfast with a great view in serene surroundings. That will be an ideal patio created by you. Here are 6 creative ideas for natural stone patio pavers that would build the perfect outdoor spaces that you crave. These are our favourite patio pavers loved by all.  

  1. Silver Blue Travertine Pavers for an elegant patio 

When it comes to creating a luxurious patio space, Travertine pavers often cross our minds. Isn’t it? Dense and durable Travertine pavers create super classy outdoor spaces. Silver Blue Travertine is the one for captivating patios that stand the test of time. Their greyish silver colour with a blue undertone has a subtle charm that builds a calming ambiance.  

You can trust this natural stone in summers for its ability to remain cool. It absorbs the coolness of the earth beneath and reflects heat. This keeps the stone cool even in direct sun and you can comfortably walk barefoot. Just let the greenery around drench your soul as you soak in the breeze and unwind in the cool ambiance of Silver Blue Travertine.  

  1. Silver Grey Granite for a picture-perfect setup  

Granite is known as one of the most resilient and maintenance-free natural stones. This natural stone is a perfect choice for patio pavers since they resist cracking, breaking, or fading. Dragging heavy furniture, heavy footfall, or hot barbeque grill, nothing causes chipping, splitting, or scratching of weather-resistant Granite pavers. Our Silver Grey Granite in salt and pepper look is a timeless beauty, making onlookers’ heads turn. The muted grey shades are a perfect balance between too bold and too subtle. 

Plan a barbeque get-together or a garden party without worrying about physical wear or damage. The parties would be as impressive as the resilience of the stone. We highly recommend Silver Grey Granite as garden pavers or patio pavers.  

  1. Midnight Glow Limestone Crazy Pave for a fun patio  

When your patio can have random interesting patterns, why should you stick to a single colour? Design your patio with Midnight Glow Limestone crazy pavers. Patio pavers in crazy paving stones teach you to be yourself and tell you that life need not be perfect, and it is okay to be random at times. 

Crazy pavers break the monotony of your space while adding fun and glamour. The hard-wearing limestone in black hues casts a spell like no other. The rest of your furniture and fixtures can be subtle and minimal to set off the busy backdrop. Pitch a tent in the grass, pack a basket with goodies, and have a day picnic with family or friends, recreating those crazy fun times from your past.  

  1. Indiana White Limestone for tranquil frames  

For your patio or alfresco to look more spacious, pick Indiana White Limestone. A calm and serene backdrop with a visual continuity makes the frame brighter and more beautiful. Limestone patio pavers have immense durability. Their innate hardness assures you peace of mind even with high footfall. The best part is that they remain cool even under direct sunlight. Since the light colour reflects heat, the patio pavers do not get hot, allowing you to walk bare feet minus the burns.    

Indiana White Limestone patio pavers complement the building structure and every element around them, perfect for the tranquillity that you seek. Plan a day wedding with floral décor and see the spark everywhere! Or a play date with your kids in the gorgeous backdrop will create memories to cherish forever.  

  1. Argento Marble Pavers for a dreamy patio  

Give a lift to your dreary-looking outdoor patio space with our beautiful Argento Marble patio pavers. The shades of grey and silver naturally lend cool, peaceful vibes to the outdoor setup. The best part about these patio pavers is their slip resistance which adds a great safety feature for your loved ones. What’s better than pavers that prevent slipping hazards?  

The natural grey veins running through the surface accentuated by darker shades of grey, establish a modern look for the contemporary minimalists; not to forget their strength and density preserve the patio for long! A romantic candlelight dinner will never go wrong in this beautiful arrangement. 

  1. Teakwood Sandstone for a warm cozy patio 

Soft coloured stone with features of a sandy beach attracts a lot of people. Homeowners love the desert-like patterns on Teakwood Sandstone pavers which lend a comforting warmth to the patio space. Who doesn’t like a cozy space that feels like your personal space? 

The warm tones and natural gradation replicate old classic spaces. Sandstone pavers last long and need less maintenance. A green garden and colourful flora accentuate the earthy feel of Sandstone by many folds. Installing it around your pool or patio will be like a dream creation. If you are unable to step out, planning your pool vacation at home with friends and family sounds like a great idea.   

In conclusion  

You can pick from a variety of natural stone patio pavers. From Travertine and Granite to Marble and Limestone, the options are endless. While natural stones carry the badge of sustainability, eco-friendly, organic, and durability, they pose problems with open pores on the surface. These naturally occurring pores make way for dust, moisture, or stains. To counter the issue, we recommend sealing the pores as it cuts the risk of stones getting stained or water damaged. Do ensure you seal the stone during installation and at regular intervals. Check with your tiler for the application of sealant and cleaning solutions. With good maintenance and care your patio pavers can last more than decades.  


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